Lotus Blossom

The Tetrano symbol

" I am the last of this race. I must go discover more".

Rita to Merdie in the Lotus Blossom Party.

The Tetrano's were a race of people that served the goddess and gods of old. This race is extinct exepct for Rita.

When the world was created, the goddess of the land created the first race. This first race was called the Tetrano's. This race served the gods and goddesses of Crystassio. They lived in the Snow region in Crystassio, at north. They survived the cold weather by hunting Polars, a type of bear for their fur. When the Golden War occured, the invaders passed through their land and destroyed the race. But only one young girl survived, Rita. She was guarded by many races that were allies to the Tetrano's, and was treated like a queen. But she did not want this. The Tetrano's were bonded to a blossom known as Lotus Blossom. The flower was the symbol of the race and even had temples for the sacred flower.

Sacred PlacesEdit

The tribe had many sacred places and temples. The most sacred of all was the Lotus Blossom temple. The temple was once beautiful but with the pass of years and the Golden War, the temple was destroyed completely and the ancient artifact The Lotus Blossom of the Gods was saved, though, and kept in the heart of the capitol of the whole world.

Location and LifeEdit

The life of this tribe was very advanced, beacuase they lived in the snowiest region.