Sand Benders

Gones and Desa practicing Sand Bending

Sand Bending is a controled power used by the Mesand tribe. Though many other people can master it, the Mesand's can master it the most.



The very first sand benders were Desa and Gones. They were walking togheter and then they heard a scuffling and then realized it was a sandler, a type of animal crossed with a bear and a horse, kicking sand up in the air. Desa and Gones were very curious and watched closely as the animal digged up the sand. They both realized the animal was sand- bending in animal version, and tried it themselves. The sand levitated and scattered around. They started to master sand bending and learned even more from the Mesand tribe.

Known Sand BendersEdit

These are some known sand benders:

. Tina

. Rita (learning)

. Destinia

. Gerard


The abilities to sand bend are very challenging. Though many are able to master it.

Spin Sand ability

The Spin Sand ability.

Spin Sand Ability

The Spin Sand ability is the first ability one sand bender should learn first. The first step is to lift the sand and spin, causing the sand to spin and you spin, also. It's the easiest ability, acording to the Sand Bender's Book.